Terms of Business

The Group works with clients to evaluate their requirements and look to shape the fee structure to deliver mutually beneficial outcomes.

Fees for Professional Services

OAG will assess a project for viability with a free consultation at outset to identify expected outcomes and deliverables.

An engagement fee will be agreed for the expected timeline of the project and will usually be charged monthly in advance.

Fees for Partner Services

The Group’s professional partners may levy fees for their activities on a separate basis.


Out of pocket direct expenses incurred by OAG are passed onto the client at cost, they are always pre-agreed with the client before any costs are incurred.

Success Fees

Any success fees (e.g. for fund raising) will be negotiated on a case by case basis and charged in addition to fees for professional services.

Advisory Services

The core to OAG’s business philosophy is to assist organisations plan their future by recognising opportunities, clarifying visions, creating strategies, implementing action and measuring results.

OAG looks to support companies entering the region, assisting them in the planning and execution of market entry, and work with local organisations to assist them in growing or enhancing their international exposure by strengthening their internal procedures and processes.

OAG partners with business sector specialists to deliver comprehensive solutions for organisations regionally and provide full project management to ensure delivery of defined outcomes.

Strategic Collaborations

OAG works with like minded groups that complement its activities and strengthen in-country presences

TMN provides business services to prospective investors to assist, accelerate and shorten the bureaucracy lines in conducting business Indonesia through partnerships with companies dealing in trading, product supplies and manufacturing of various construction and infrastructure projects.

The company’s founders and management team comprise of seasoned executives and professionals with many years of experience in leading and working in public and government institutions, international organisations and multinational companies.

Qalam Investindo (QI) is an investment firm that invests in accordance with Islamic principles, targeting the middle--size business institutions that have potential to grow, primarily in infrastructure, food and fast moving consumer goods, logistics, distribution and transportation business sectors, and yielding IRR of minimum 20% per annum, with the investment horizon of 5-10 years.

Mr. D is an independent, full-service branding and design agency, based in London. The highly experienced team brings over two decades of strategic, creative and delivery experience to projects, which include helping to define leading consumer brands.

ASEAN Economic Community

Whilst the region comprises of individual and diverse countries, there is a drive to have a more unified approach to the regional economies, with the implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) that came into effect from December 2015 (although only slowly being adopted) the timing is excellent to be assisting governments to align their approach to development.

  • Brunei Darussalam
  • the Kingdom of Cambodia
  • the Republic of Indonesia
  • the Lao People’s Democratic Republic
  • Malaysia
  • the Union of Myanmar
  • the Republic of the Philippines
  • the Republic of Singapore
  • the Kingdom of Thailand
  • the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam

Global Clients

OAG are currently working with a number of clients in Asia and the United Kingdom

Harwell Capital was established to offer HNW (high-net worth) investors the opportunity to invest in privately held technology companies at lower levels than offered by venture capital funds, allowing investors to build their own technology portfolio with the potential to deliver superior returns and capital growth.

First Equity Finance’s principal service is the provision of project finance to companies, businesses and organisations for significant land development projects in the leisure, tourism, entertainment, high-tech and construction industries. www.firstequityfinance.com.hk